Daniel Boone National Forest
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  • 1. Welcome - Slade

    Welcome to Red River Gorge Geological Area! Thousands of visitors enjoy the outdoors year-round in this unique natural area. Among the breathtaking scenery are vast opportunities for recreation and adventure. The 40,000 acre Red River Gorge is heavily forested with mixed hardwoods, hemlock, and various pine species. It is designated as a Geological Area due to miles of towering cliff lines, unique geological features, and over 100 natural sandstone arches.

    Within the Red River Gorge are nearly seventy miles of hiking trails, picnic areas, scenic overlooks, one developed campground, the federally designated Clifty Wilderness, and the Wild and Scenic Red River. The Red River Gorge is also designated as a National Natural Landmark and National Archaeological District.

    The tour:

    This tour will take you along a 30 mile loop consisting of KY 15, KY 77, and KY 715. The roads along this tour are narrow and winding with an average speed of 35 mph. KY 77 goes through Nada Tunnel, which has a 12 feet high by 12 feet wide clearance. Most side roads are gravel and do not receive maintenance in winter.

    Slade is where the tour of the Red River Gorge Geological Area begins and ends. Amenities are limited once leaving Slade. If you need fuel, food, a backcountry camping permit, or last minute supplies, you are recommended to acquire these in Slade.

    To begin the tour, follow KY 15 north by turning left at the intersection with KY 11. Turn right onto KY 77 in 1.5 miles.